Relax & recharge you!

Frequencies are abundant around us – and can affect our mood- wellbeing and emotions

In our world of ‘noise’ – its super important to be aware of the power of ‘sound’ as certain ‘noise’ can create un-ease but other higher frequencies can bring restorative healing – I know which types I prefer!

I have been gifted with my connection to Angels and their frequencies through my Angelic Healing Harp. The immediate rebalancing of chakras and cellular resonanace is beyond profound…when listening to my collection of focussed chanellings on my recent Audio collection

It is just delightful to experience the uplift and healing embedded in these recordings – something you can try by simply checking out my Harp details on the top tab on this site

For example If you are going through an emotional wave of upset within a relationship ,,the healing frequencies through AA Metatron within the Sacral Chakra recording would be ideal to bring you into a state of calm and balance

If you are going through fears and doubts about feeling secure in your job, relationship or life generally ..the healing frequencies through AA Uriel within the Root chakra recording would bring support ,strength and resilience

This Harp Healing audio brings so much Healing support for all areas in your life

Enjoy x

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