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I can’t believe that its only 5 months ago – that I started to learn how to MANIFEST for real!

As I sit here today looking at my old kitchen that is about to be ripped out and refurbed …in the morning – I am super excited that I can actually create and manifest my hearts desires. I do not have to feel stuck in this outdated and tired old kitchen….phew!

I had got so used to just accepting that life just happens as the concept of being able to make things happen from my thoughts and desires never really crossed my mind…until just a few months ago.

Last November I took a leap of faith and joined a Mindset and Manifestation training course called TIR. Learning the understandings and knowledge from Bob Proctor and his amazing team Nisreen and Dena. Since then everything I have decided to manifest is either here in my now or on its way

Today I share my Kitchen journey with you all and am excited to show you the finished results in a couple of weeks

It truly is magical and life changing to know that we can create anything! – so please share with me what you would love to manifest? as I have some amazing tips and hints on how to start the magic!

thanks for sharing my journey with me and look out for my next update which I am already manifesting

Annette x

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