Author in demand!

Recently launched my book ASPIRE – its an e-book and a paperback now-

and super excited to have hit International best seller

within a couple of weeks I have been booked for 2 exciting speaking events to discuss the how – the why and the whats next…for me

My first booked event is for an international Coach based in Hawaii ! now that is awesome eh! definately setting global alarm clock for that one

My second event came about at a random dental check-up appointment ……..just making small talk inbetween the anaesthetic taking hold ……as my dentist asked me how i have kept myself throughout covid – with no business running . I just mentioned writing my book ASPIRE and he was excited to order it there and then! He asked me if I would consider appearing in the dental practice facebook community to talk about my experience writing

It wasnt until i was leaving that he asked what the book is about – his face was a picture when i said ”finding my voice’ and my mouth cancer journey – how apt for a dental community event

The universe is always guiding me

to buy a paperback copy click here

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