About Annette

Annette O’Donnell is an Earth Angel sharing her insights, wisdom and teachings having survived multiple cancers and in remission from a relapsing-remitting MS diagnosis.

Annette literally is an expert at ‘staying alive ‘

As a Health & Energy Coach…..

she brings Hope, Healing and Strategies to overcome any adverse situation through various personally proven modalities which she has spent considerable time studying, implementing and recommending to others

As a leader and independent business owner with Prife International her career pathway includes raising the consciousness of the collective in the most beautiful and healing way

Her main focus is on sharing and offering others opportunities to change their story

These opportunities address a wide range of life issues from Health, Emotional ,Spiritual and Financial as the common denominator for all is ENERGY

Quantum energy and her deep rooted understanding of FREQUENCY has resulted in a huge wave of incredible results for not only her but also her clients in all areas of their lives and those that would like to join her in offering the same – are invited to reach out to her ! to order Frequency devices or experiences

As an International Angel Artist, Reiki Master Healer, Author & Wellbeing expert – the concept and applications of working with FREQUENCY all weave beautifully within the acts of service she offers – through Coaching programmes, Angel Art , Healing and Frequency Therapy

Her early career in TV and Film developed her Art and Communication skills which were key in the Art Academy she founded in 2003 and still runs.

Her aim is to inspire and empower others to know and understand their own inner power within the equation of life

Annette is a carrier of light and her presence in any situation brings Insight , Positivity and Change.

Most of her leisure time is spent with family, friends and pets, self development study alongside focussing on Humanitarian projects that she is planning run, fund and promote in coming months.

Co-author of ASPIRE – Women Finding Their Purpose.

Find out how Annette overcome her health struggles to become the inspirational woman she is now!

ASPIRE Book has been released!

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