About Annette

Annette O’Donnell is an Energy Health Coach

sharing her insights, wisdom and teachings having survived multiple cancers and in remission from a relapsing-remitting MS diagnosis.

Annette literally is an expert at ‘staying alive ‘ and bringing wellness to the lives of others in a natural and organic way

she brings Hope, Healing and Strategies to overcome any adverse situation through various personally proven modalities which she has spent considerable time studying, implementing and sharing her skills and Healing programmes

– Annette says ” I know that you can improve your Health , Energy and your Life – no matter how you feel right now

” Using her Bio Energetic system she is able to identify and present solutions for the root cause(s) of Energy deficiencies

within the mind, body and auric field.

‘Everything is Energy ‘ – Albert Einstein

Her passion to help others to Feel Better” started at the age of 9 years old as she shadowed her Nan in her work place environments as a District Nurse and Health visitor.

Annette would witness healing in action within all walks of life. Her house was sometimes a rest bite space for unsettled babies , to give their exhausted mummies a chance to sleep.

After school Annette would be found painting brightly coloured fun cartoon characters the nursery school glass windows as she wanted the children to feel happy

Her mission is to inspire and empower others to know and heal thyself

Annette is a carrier of light and her presence in any situation brings Insight , Positivity and Change.

Most of her leisure time is spent with family, friends and pets, self development study alongside focussing on Humanitarian projects that she is planning to set up in coming months.

Co-author of ASPIRE – Women Finding Their Purpose.

Find out how Annette overcome her health struggles to become the inspirational woman she is now!

ASPIRE Book has been released!